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Reverse Lookup Central Forms New Database for Tracking Unidentified Contacts


Victoria, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- When being contacted by an unidentified caller, it can be awkward to have to call back only to discover it was a timewasting or sales call. However, options for discovering the identity behind unidentified calls, texts, emails and letters have traditionally been highly specialized and very limited. Fortunately for consumers, Reverse Lookup Central is a new website that has been dedicated to sharing information on communications to help individuals avoid timewasters, identify trouble causers and more.

Reverse Lookup Central has been devised as an accessible, user friendly interface through which individuals can gain quick and easy access to information that can otherwise be difficult (but not illegal) to get hold of. Whether being pestered by an unknown number or having been unable to transport contacts from an old phone to a new one, unidentified numbers and email addresses can be quickly identified through the database.

The site has been designed to make it as easy as possible for users to track down data, with a simple search box and selection of categories in the header above. Simply selecting a phone number, address, email or IP will allow only the relevant search results to be filtered and displayed. In some cases, privileged data can be offered to those holding premium memberships- a subscription that grants unrestricted access to all the information held on the database about a given user input. This is especially useful for professionals such as journalists, private detectives, researchers and others. To these members, the site offers a “no hit, no fee” policy and to basic members, all information presented is free of charge.

A spokesperson for was keen to point out its advantages over competitors, "No other reverse phone lookup service comes close to scope and size of our database - and it's important to realize that a "free" phone lookup service will generally only provide the equivalent of whitepages data. They don't provide data on cell phone numbers or otherwise unlisted numbers. But we do."

About Reverse Lookup Central
Reverse Lookup Central is a freely accessible database website that compiles information on cell phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and IP addresses into a searchable format for individuals to discover information on the source and/or proprietors of these communications outlets, including information on individuals and companies. Premium membership is available for access to privileged information. For more information please visit: