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Reverse Mortgage Irvine Publishes a Guide to Understanding Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Irvine reports consumers feel more confident about obtaining a reverse mortgage after obtaining this guide, as they better understand what the reverse mortgage entails


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Reverse Mortgage Irvine announces the release of a comprehensive, free, no-obligation guide to reverse mortgages. This guide strives to answer questions about reverse mortgages, ones many consumers continue to have, and significant research was done prior to publishing this guide to ensure no topic was overlooked.

"Consumers regularly find they learn something new when reading this guide, as it covers such a wide range of topics. Many find, after reading this guide, the information obtained allowed them to discover something very important for their financial future," Matt Evans, spokesperson for Reverse Mortgage Irvine, declares.

Consumers prefer working with Reverse Mortgage Irvine as the specialists never push to sell a product the consumer doesn't want or need. The guide ensures common questions about Reverse mortgages are answered, and deals with everything from restrictions on reverse mortgages to repayment calculations.

"Things you should know about reverse mortgages include drawbacks of this type of loan, living requirements as they relate to the home, and the effect of a reverse mortgage on various federal programs, such as Medicaid or social security disability. One cannot be too careful when obtaining a financial loan, and Reverse Mortgage Irvine understands this, publishing the guide to put fears to rest, while ensuring consumers have the facts needed to make an informed decision," Evans continues.

Reverse Mortgage Irvine provides alternatives to reverse mortgage loans, as consumers need to understand all options before proceeding. Home equity loans meet the needs of certain consumers, while others find they don't want the hassle of a monthly payment. These are just two of many options available today. As the company only handles this type of product, consumers needn't worry about sales calls for other financial offerings.

As Evans explains, many consumers find they are in a difficult financial situation and make a hasty decision to obtain a reverse mortgage or home equity loan, failing to consider alternatives when doing so. With the help of this guide, consumers find they can learn more about a reverse mortgage, even if they don't need additional income at this time. There is no obligation with the guide, so consumers should request one today, even if they have no plans in the foreseeable future.

Those who do opt for a reverse mortgage often choose to make use of a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), and the guide explains the benefits of choosing this financial product over the many others offered now. This reverse mortgage product differs from numerous others in that it is regulated and insured by the United States Federal Housing Administration. Certain guidelines must be met to qualify for this type of loan, yet many find they qualify easily.

"Reverse mortgages tend to be very complex. Get your free guide today, to obtain the desired information, without worry of being pressured into making a quick decision. Read the guide carefully, and take the time to discuss options with family members and trusted financial advisers. Reverse Mortgage Irvine wants clients to be satisfied with their decision, not only at the time it is obtained, but well into the future. If, at any time, the consumer decides a reverse mortgage meets their needs, we'll be happy to help," Evans proclaims.

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