Reverse Phone Lookup Results Improve Accuracy by 67% in September


Bronxville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Reverse phone lookup results continue to improve accuracy in the month of September according to research by industry watchdog, People Locator Help. Ever since search engines removed themselves from the business of providing free reverse phone lookup and free phonebook data in late 2010, the industry has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts. New paid entrants into the phone number lookup field popped up everywhere in order to satisfy the consumer's voracious appetite for information that cell phone and home landline caller id displays could not provide. In fact, there are over 1.4 million search engine searches every month for the keyword, reverse phone lookup. A market that is tough to ignore but also tough to satisfy 100% of the time.

Since late 2010 there have been many data facilitators popping up in order to research and compile the every changing cell phone number landscape. A landscape that has become increasingly tough to access since most cell phone carriers keep their customer files private. As a result, more reverse cell phone lookup firms had to rely on third party data facilitators to do all the research with utility records, phone records and online social media records, etc. in order to find accurate phone number matches. As more customers of reverse lookups demand more and more accurate data, the firms have followed suit with better data records. The result has been a gradual improvement in accuracy levels on a monthly basis, resulting in September being the 11th straight month of improving reverse phone lookup accuracy.

Accuracy Improvement

September-2012 vs. August-2012


August-2012 vs. July -2012


July 2012 vs. June -2012



As a result of continued improvement in industry-wide accuracy, some firms, especially the better quality industry giants, have been able to boast 97% to 99% accuracy rate for all its searches, which is a dramatic improvement over 70%-80% accuracy rate these same reverse phone lookup firms were generating in most of 2011. These gradual improvements have resulted in more and more happy customers. Although there are several landmines to avoid in this industry, for the most part, if one sticks to the established and best reverse phone lookup firms, you should be very happy with your results.

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