Reverse Phone Lookup Reviews Firm Launches Its New Quality Comparison Rating System


Bronxville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- Reverse phone industry watchdog and publisher of the popular consumer reviews and comparison site, PeopleLocatorHelp.Com,  has announced the launch of its much anticipated  proprietary rating system to kickoff of the new year. For more pertinent details on the launch along with analysis of the intricate ratings formula, please visit or click the following:

With this new rating system the company announces its new capabilities for one click phone number lookup searches after a visitor finishes reading any review, whether it be a consumer  generated review or a review written by the company’s panel of professionals. Moreover, the new features on the site will allow visitors to send an immediate  anonymous text message to any previous consumer reviewer in order to further verify the site’s features and consumer experience. The text message is made possible by consumers granting permission to be reached by a reverse lookup customer, however no private information will be known to the text message originator.

The publishers of PeopleLocatorHelp.Com have also made it simpler to decide which reverse phone  lookup is right for them by including ratings points as generated by consumer generated reviews and rating points as generated by the site’s own panel of professionals side by side along with a one click access to each site’s data input page. As a further enhancement, the visitor to the PeopleLocatorHelp.Com reviews will also have an 80% coupon code discount automatically  to each of the top 4 sites. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Comments from the first few visitors to the revamped site have been positive and seems like most consumers like the idea of having all ratings and reviews on a side by side comparison style. Mindy Allen of Seattle, Washington comments:” I have been using this site for over 2 years and enjoy the reviews very much. As a frequent user and consumer reviewer, I like the fact that now everything is so transparent, I can make my decision on what to buy almost instantly. I also like the fact that the Peoplelocator site owners have their visitors in mind when making changes. It seems like they think more like consumers, rather than business people when they make changes to the site. I like that very much!”

About PeopleLocatorHelp.Com
The website is a research firm that provides reviews of the top reverse cell phone lookup services and researches industry trends that may affect the data gathering capabilities of these firms. It also provides a platform for site visitors to write their own reviews and give constructive feedback on their own personal experiences with these firms.

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