Reverse Phone Lookup Search Firms See 75% Improvement in Data Base Quality


Bronxville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Reverse phone lookup services have begun a renaissance of sorts within the past 2-3 years, according  to research conducted by reverse phone lookup reviews firm, PeopleLocatorHelp.Com. They discovered  that  just in the past 16 months, dating back to April - 2011, reverse cell phone lookup data bases have begun to receive more reliable data from cell phone companies, voice-over-ip and landline phone companies, in conjunction with the existence of a more relaxed privacy environment. This resulted in the emergence of  well funded  reverse phone lookup search firms that can now provide a variety of different searches for very low price points.

As a result of  these changes to a more mainstream, higher quality industry a variety of new reverse phone lookup firms have emerged with the title of best reverse phone lookup in the website’s reverse phone lookup reviews for 2012. When search engines discontinued the free reverse phone lookup in 2009, a void was created in the market and new companies sprung up, however with low quality data bases and high reverse lookup costs.  Since late 2010, more and more companies began to spend more money on the data base quality, but unfortunately,  this came at a high cost to consumers, since data acquisition costs were so high. Fast forward, 12 months, in 2011 the industry data costs finally began to decline to the point that some firms can now offer simple reverse cell phone lookup searches for under $5 and some firms even charge under $1, these “new wave” sites are compared and critiqued at PeopleLocatorHelp.Com.

Megan Ross explains: “Back in 2010, I hated to search for reverse phone lookup sites because I could never find one that provided me an accurate search for little or no money.  I searched and searched, spent lots of money trying services out and was very disappointed, until finally in December ( 2011)  I found what I was looking for, a phone number lookup for 79 cents that provided a 100% accurate search, thanks to the reviews I read.”

Mrs. Ross adds: “thank goodness these phone number lookups have become more reliable as this is a type of service that one can easily order 9 -10 times per month and at 79 cents its cheap, but at $20, which was the price I used to pay, it was way too expensive.”

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