Reverse Phone Number Lookup Provides Unlimited Phone Number Searches for Just $1


Temple, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- A website dedicated for reverse cell phone lookups is now available for viewing. A quick service to match any phone number to the name and address of it's owner.

Viewing PhoneNumberLookup is a simple tool to take the mystery out of any unknown phone number with unlimited searches for $1.

Phone Number Lookup has been providing an outstanding service to consumers from all over the US. As a company, Phone Number Lookup specializes in providing reverse phone tracking and unlimited phone number searches for just $1.

They have thus far helped thousands of consumers perform reverse look up’s and background checks on phone numbers. However, what makes Phone Number Lookup different from the competition is that the reverse look up’s will reveal detailed up-to-date ownership information from just a phone number. Additionally, users are also able to pull up criminal background checks in some circumstances – all provided free, with no additional charges.

The concept behind Reverse Phone Lookups is simple. Users enter a phone number and are able to trace the number to the name and address of it’s owner. The service costs just a mere $1 to start and unlimited number searches can be performed there after.

Users are able to look up a number for a wide variety of reasons, including suspicious callers and to stop prank calls, among several other reasons.

About PhoneNumberLookup:
The ReversePhoneLookup is an U.S. affiliate of and offers one of the few publicly accessible search databases online that consist of unlisted, cell and landline phone numbers. This innovative tool is assisting more users to search ownership information of phone numbers online. This non-consumer reporting agency provides public data information that is acquired from multiple sources. The information is routinely updated to allow searchers of U.S. numbers to receive the most up-to-date and accurate information that is currently available. Offers A quick service to match any phone number to the name and address of it's owner with unlimited searches for just $1.

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