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Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- The skin forms the largest covering for the body organs. This cover of the body is exposed to all the harmful radiations and other forms of environmental pollution. In this beauty obsessed world, every one understands this fact and apply almost all the skin care products on their skin without checking for the ingredients.

A finance website carried out a survey and gathered some eye catchy numbers that signified that the great number of people are shedding out their income in the ever growing beauty industry. The results state that a normal woman spend a hefty amount of $15000 total during her lifetime on the skin care products. From this total expense $3770 accounts for mascara, $2750 on eye shadows and $1780 on lipstick. Another report named as Beauty and the E-Commerce Beast in its 2014 edition stated that the online beauty industry received an all round boost of almost $3.8 billion from the past years and the number of online beauty shoppers increased to almost 47%.

The numbers clearly speak that the more and more people are turning towards the use of beauty products to enhance their appearance and beautify themselves. Therefore, there is a need that population should choose the organic products that include ingredients which pose no threat to the skin. Other factors that supports the idea of going organic while purchasing the skin care products for women are as follows:

- Skin Acts As An Absorbent Not Barrier: Body's skin has a tendency to absorb almost everything that is applied on its surface. Studies have proved that out of all the chemicals in the form of skin care products that one apply, almost 60% of the content is absorbed by the skin. Therefore, one should always stick to the plant-based skin and body care products to reduce the toxin chemical load on their body.

- The Planet Is Being Polluted: The chemicals not only affects the skin of an individual but also play a major role in polluting the planet. Plastic bottles that acts as containers for the landfills and phtalates in the skin care products are often dumped in the water. This practice affects the reproductive health of the fish population.

- Chemicals Aren't Regulated In The Skin Care Products: To deceive the customer, it is a practice followed by the brands to omit the harmful chemicals from the ingredients list. The skin care products that are available on My Beauty Bazar are FDA approved and tested and guarantees inclusion of only organic ingredients.

- The Chemicals Act As A Contributor For Cancer: Another dangerous issue that these products can put the individual at risk is of acquiring cancer. Parabens which is a chemical ingredient plays a major cause for the breast cancer.

- Natural Products Work Better: The ingredients of the natural organic skin care products for women act as a tool that nourish and sustain the skin rather than burdening or depleting it.

These concrete reasons throw some light on the harmful effects of chemicals and depicts why the use of organic products is necessary.

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