Joe Bragg Helps Visitors Discover the Identity of Whoever Just Called


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- There are few things more frustrating than missing a phone call. Whether missing a call on a mobile phone or a home landline, discovering the identity of that caller is easier than many people think. In fact, all that’s needed is a phone number.

Today, Australians are turning to to discover the identity of whoever just called. At the homepage, visitors will find a minimalistic search bar. Anyone can simply type a number into that form in order to instantly reveal the identity of the person who called.

The website aims to be as easy as possible to use. In fact, the only requirement of users is that they know the number of the person who called – something that’s easily achieved for those who have caller ID on their mobile phone or landline.

A spokesperson for explains how the service works:

“Reverse Australia’s system appears simple but is actually quite complex. After users enter a number into our site, we scan through a database of Australian phone numbers in order to reveal the identity of that number. After discovering the caller’s identity, we also seek to identify other information, including the company with which the number is registered as well as the history of that number. In short, those asking questions like ‘who calls me?’ can have all of their questions answered at our website.”

After entering a number into the form at and starting their search, visitors are greeted with an information page for that number. On that information page, visitors will find all of the following data:

- Geographic location on Google Maps for that number
- Specific address for the location at which the number is registered
- The name of the number, business, or organization to which the number is registered
- The history of that record, including the number of previous holders
- That date the number was last searched by a user
- Demographic data for the area in which the number is registered
- Comments from other users who have also searched that number in the past

Using this form, visitors can discover the identity of any number that calls. Sometimes, a business has been harassing Australians with annoying phone calls. In other cases, homeowners may simply be missing a call from a specific number on a regular basis and want to learn the identity of that caller.

Is a reverse phone number searching site that scans through a database of Australian phone numbers in order to reveal the identity of a business or individual. Users simply enter a phone number into the site in order to receive free information about the name, history, and registration information for that number. For more information, please visit: