Reversephonesleuth Slashes Rates by 100% for Its Reverse Phone Lookup Annual Subscription Plan


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- In order to attract more loyal customers has slashed its price for annual subscription to $39.95, making it the cheapest Phone number lookup service in United States. The site has over hundred thousand paying customers and a database of over 120 million phones, and according to market analyst Robert Garrison is seen as one of the top 3 players in the segment.

“Enabling the service on pro-active basis from the mobile phone itself, thus identifying the caller in real-time and gaining social traction are the next milestones” says Reverse Phone Sleuth Inc media representative Jack Almeida. The discount on annual subscription is the first step towards the social media integration and viral growth he explains. The mobile phone features are likely to demonstrate their technical expertise in Phone number Lookup.

Earlier, during the private beta the site had launched an interactive blog where the company shares latest telecom and mobile phones related articles and an intuitive web interface for search and reporting. The blog is heavily subscribed in all social media channels, at present having over 50, 000 Facebook likes. “We are looking to democratize people’s rights to privacy and ownership of information when it comes to mobile telephony. Reverse Phone Lookup is only our first step in this direction” explains Almeida.

Many prominent market analysts have been vocal about criticism for immature policy decisions at the beginning of telecom revolution. They say those decisions have invariably left subscribers with little means or privacy and even with amendment in telecommunication laws in 2003, violations by telecom companies to achieve marketing revenue are rampant. Most analysts agree while Reverse cell phone lookup may not be the best solution there could have been but it definitely is the best at present. With companies like Reversephonesleuth we might have better and effective measures in future.

The announcement of discount was followed by latest database numbers. The company has further added 20 million new phones in July 2012 to its existing over 100 million user database. “We are start-up and have a sense to challenge conventional wisdom. You will see a lot of us in coming days.”

About Reverse Phone Sleuth
Reverse Phone Sleuth, a technical startup in the space of information and data management. The company was founded in 2011. The core-team has extensive experience in data mining, management and privacy.

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