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Revieooz Now Allows Consumers to Watch Review Videos Instead of Reading It


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- reviews were recently launched online. Allowing consumers to watch video reviews of products instead of having to go through the mundane task of reading through it. By doing so, consumers will gain a fun way to research the products they wish to purchase!

Reviews are really important for any product as well as for the customer. It gives an indication as to how the product behaves and would affect him through the experiences of other people. There are many who first go through the reviews of a certain product before they decide whether to buy it or not. Reviews also help the producers to know the shortcomings of their products and then help them to formulate a way which could remove those defects. Thus reviews are important for both the customer as well as the producer. There are many review sites over the internet but one review site that actually caught my attention is Revieooz it is a video product reviews. It definitely has a lot of features to attract reviewers and it also does have a lot of features that help potential buyers to actually decide on the product that they would like to buy.

Revieooz best features:

Here are some of the best features of the website:

" It is a platform where you can upload video product reviews.

" It is free to join.

" Video reviews help you save time as you don't have to read through lengthy reviews.

" Option to compare different products is given which gives you a fair idea about the dynamics of your product.

" Option to earn by uploading videos is also given. The more you upload the more you can earn.

" There are weekly prizes that are also distributed.

" The uploading interface is easy to handle and the videos get uploaded quickly.

" The website in itself is user friendly and well constructed so that you don't have to look for options.

" You can also search reviews and share with friends and in the process actually earn cash.

" The reviews are from real people and are completely genuine which gives the potential buyer an edge on knowing the product in a better way.

Revieooz in a little more detail

The website is definitely full of features that make it one of the best that you can find over the internet. Let us look at the website in a little more detail

Easy to use and upload

The uploading and browsing process is very easy which makes this website very useful. You can easily upload in some clicks and while browsing you also have the option to actually chose and compare a certain product with another one.

Earn cash while reviewing

You reviewing efforts will not go into waste as you will definitely be able to earn some healthy cash. You get 5 USD when you join and you get 5 USD when you upload your first review and there after you get 2 Dollars for every review that you upload. So you can definitely generate a healthy flow of cash.

Video reviews are cool

The best part is that video reviews are much better than any other type of review as it definitely gives a fair indication about the quality and the value of the product. You don't even have to read through the boring lengthy reviews.

What people think about Revieooz

People have found the website to be very useful. It has been fruitful for the buyers as well as reviewers. The reviewers get paid for the jobs and the buyers are actually able to find the products for which they are looking for reviews.

It is great for the reviewers if you are planning to make some extra cash by actually reviewing products there is actually no better portal and for people looking for reviews of certain products this portal provides you with reviews from real people which is definitely something to look forward too.

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