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Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 --, a website which reviews affordable software has recently published a review of the PhoneSheriff Investigator software. Suitable for parents and educators the PhoneSheriff Investigator is a great software for monitoring a remote device such as smart phone or tablet without the knowledge of its users. The unique feature of this particular software is an iPhone can be monitored without the need of jail breaking. The review educates readers about this exclusive benefit of the software by stating:

“All you have to do is simply register the iPhone to the software and you can monitor your children’s iPhone, iPod, and or iPad all at once. It all syncs via an Apple ID. It’s quick and easy to set up and get monitoring. To make sure your children are safe and that their iDevice has no sensitive data on it. Phonesheriff monitoring program is by far the best and easiest solution for fast set up.”

There has also been a release of 15% off secret coupon by which has been issued for the readers who are interested in buying the cellphone spy without jailbreak after learning the positive things has to say about PhoneSheriff Investigator, the coupon can be retrieved by Visiting These Link

TheCheapSoftware reviewer believes that this particular software is great for parent to want to keep a close eye on how their children are using their phone. Having a smart phone such as the iPhone is a privilege but most often children are seen misusing their privilege and are using the phone in ways that could harm them, reviewer believes:

“This is great for making sure your children, for example, aren’t abusing phone privileges, texting forbidden people, taking/sending inappropriate photos, visiting forbidden sites and more activities that you wouldn’t want them doing.”

Through software like phonesheriff investigator includes various surveillance of programs within the phone that parents need to keep a watch on, monitoring features are:

Text Message Monitoring (View Sent/Received Messages)
GPS Location (View last backup of location on a map)
Call History (Inbound/Outbound list of calls w/number & contact)
Safari Bookmarks
Account details

TheCheapSoftware is a website which reviews the best and most affordable online software on offer today. They also release exclusive discount codes for the highly rated products reviewed by them.

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