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Review: BTC Robot the First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- BTC Robot is an automated bitcoin trading robot. It automatically trades the bitcoin market to catch profits whenever possible. For example, if it detects a sudden outburst of bidding/asking ratios (for other words, there are more buyers than sellers; or more sellers than buyers), it knows a market rally is about to occur. So it immediately starts buying bitcoins to sell later at a higher price; or sell to avoid losses if the market goes the other way.

Does BTC Robot Really Work?
Whenever there's a market, there's market psychology. When prices start going up, without a doubt, people will start jumping in hoping to join the wagon for quick profits. And when prices start going down, 2 things can happen:

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-People start selling and panic-selling occurs (this happens when everyone has lost confidence in the market).
-People will sell to a price point that it will stop dropping and they, or others, will start buying to accumulate.

Now here's something strange about the market psychology:
Prices tend to fall to a point and starts jumping back up again. That is called the "Support Level". Why does this happen? Usually this happens when late buyers whom wanted to buy before had done and they waited till the price falls again and they jumps in to buy. This makes the price jump back up. And there are times when there are more sellers than buyers, so it penetrates the support level. And now, the support level turns into a "resistance level" - the market psychology has changed. Now whenever prices tend to touch the levels again, those people whom are holding on to the market may wonder, what if prices can't go up again. This is the best price and so they start selling and prices fall back down again.

Sooner or later, something could happen. There's a huge demand and buyers outrun the sellers, so it penetrates the resistance level. So now, the resistance level becomes the support level.

Moving averages, indicators, and many more are taught in Technical Analysis. It takes months to read up and understand, and years to actually interpret and use it correctly. If users ever watch financial news, they will see analyst and reports talking about graph prices and such, and that is Technical Analysis. As long as there's market psychology, Technical Analysis work wonders!

And because bitcoins aren't traded in the professional world (Wall Street, .etc), users don't have to worry about them manipulating or causing huge volatility in the bitcoin market.

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What’s the awesome thing about BTC Robot?
It is programmed to take as much profits as possible. So let's say the chart patterns are forming and it knows it is going to breakout. BTC Robot will then calculate its indicators to confirm the trend. It then calculates the bid/ask ratios to confirm. Once it all signals a confirmation, it begins trading. If it is true and the market is really going up, it holds on. It consistently checks the market to confirm the market will continue to go up. And let's say if it detects a falling bid/ask ratios and all the indicators are signaling a potential fall, it will immediately sell all the bitcoins it is holding at the best price for maximum profit gain!

BTC Robot is also programmed to cut losses to the minimum. Let's say the market went the other way instead (unlikely to happen), BTC Robot will immediately sell everything at the best price to minimize losses as much as possible.

So invest in BTC Robot! It is definitely a worthy investment and it can be the answer to one’s early retirement!

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