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Review of Brian Johnson's Philosophers Notes and Free Summary Offer


Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2014 -- Philosophers Notes, a system that serves as a “Hack” for reading books has been receiving praise for the unique and creative way it allows users to learn the important points of the book without the need to read the entire book. The system has been designed for people who wish to catch up on reading and reap the benefits many books have to offer but are unable to do so due to their busy schedule. Book reading is a common habit of most successful people; reading is a great way of broadening horizons and learning new information which is necessary for growth both personal and professional.

Creator of Philosophers Note, Brian Johnson’s journey toward the creation of Philosophers Notes began in Bali, after he had sold his business and was relishing life in Bali also catching up on his reading when he starting taking notes about the important points in the books he was reading, Philosophers Notes website states that Brian collected hundreds of the best books he could get his hands on, books by inspiring thought leaders like Ekhart Tolle, Martin Seligman, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, Sonia Lubomirski, and more. He extracted the “big ideas” from each books and made concise 6 pages long summaries of each book he read. He began sharing his notes summaries with friends and thus the Philosopher Notes system started. Now, the system offers 5 categories which include:

- Happiness and Positive Living
- Wealth and Abundance
- Spiritual Growth
- People Skills and Social Life
- Health and Fitness

Between the categories Brian has written notes for over 200 books including some of the most well-known writers and tittles. The notes claim bring down the reading time to 20 minutes which is nothing compared to reading a 300 pages books. The notes are available in 2 formats, 6 page PDF books or clear 20 minute audio book. Noelle N, reader of Philosophers Notes writes:

“You have had such a profound impact on my life that i would never be able to articulate to do it justice. THANK YOU!!! For all the work you have done to make my life better.” video review available on YouTube:, reviews the Philosophers Notes system in detail, it also shares a method through which viewers can attain a free Brian Johnson Notes summary of a book from the Philosophers Notes.

About Philosophers Notes
Philosophers Notes by Brian Johnson is a system which trims books to 6 page long summaries containing big ideas and important points of a book.

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