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Review of Vicky Pattison's 7 Day Slim Workout DVD Is Now Available at Exercise-Review-Site.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Vicky Pattison is one of the stars of the reality show Geordie Shore, and after her dramatic weight loss in 2013 that saw her lose 3 stone in weight and drop 5 dress sizes, she has now launched her own fitness DVD, entitled Vicky Pattison's 7 Day Slim, that includes the workout that she used to lose all this weight.

This has quickly become the top-selling exercise DVD in the UK at the start of 2014, and to see why it is so effective, the team at Exercise-Review-Site.com have just been taking a closer look at this workout and have posted a review of Vicky Pattison's 7 Day Slim DVD on their website.

According to this review, there are six 10-minute workouts included on this DVD, and people only need to do one of these 10-minute workouts per day, at least to start off with, in order to start seeing results because they are very intense.

Although Vicky Pattison is the face of this DVD, the actual workouts were originally devised by a group of fitness experts, and are designed to help people lose as much as 5 pounds per week.

In order to achieve these results, people are advised to do workout 1 every day for the first week, then workout 2 every day during the second week, and so on until the sixth week when people should be able to do each of the six workouts without any problems.

Commenting on these workouts, a spokesperson for Exercise-Review-Site.com said:

"Vicky Pattison's 7 Day Slim DVD has become the top-selling workout DVD in January 2014, and it is easy to see why because these short intensive workouts work every major muscle group and only require 10 minutes per day. Therefore in addition to helping people lose up to 5 pounds a week, they are also ideal for toning and definition as well."

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