Review Site Offers Products and Resources to Help Victims of Data Breaches ranks the best identity theft protection companies for data breach victims


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- (BIDTC) now provides resources and products that help protect people who have had their credit cards, debit cards or other personal information compromised in a data breach.

With an increase of concern regarding data breaches and identity theft, ensured that their site holds all the answers to victims and potential victims. The BIDTC team reviewed and ranked all the companies in the identity theft industry to separate the best services from the rest.

“Use an identity theft protection product. It will scavenge cyberspace for any unauthorized use of personal information such as from your credit cards and Social Security number,” said BIDTC’s identity theft expert Robert Siciliano. “Identity theft protection will keep track of personal credit information, and it will send an alert if suspicious activity is detected—maybe even prior to you receiving a consumer notification.”

News stations from all over the nation are covering the Target data breach that may have affected up to 40 million shoppers who shopped at their store between Thanksgiving and this past Thursday.

This type of data breach generally happens by hackers gaining access to the personal information from the magnetic strips of the shoppers’ cards. With that data, thieves create counterfeit versions of the credit card and spend money that isn’t theirs.

Data breaches occur almost on a daily basis and millions of people are affected by it, and some without knowing so. provides the right information and steps to minimizing the chances of being affected by a data breach.

“The BIDTC team wants to help consumers find the right protection for them so they never have to worry about dealing with the consequences after becoming a victim to identity theft,” said’s Website Manager John Toolson. researches, reviews and ranks all companies with identity theft services or products in the industry. The BIDTC team scrutinizes all features before appropriately ranking them, making it easy for consumers to pick the best product for them and their families. also invites users, experts and companies to share their opinion concerning the company’s identity theft services.

Consumers can find the best companies for identity and data breach protection on

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