Review Site Ranks Insurance and Finance Companies with Identity Theft Services expands its reviews beyond identity theft protection companies


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- (BIDTC) now reviews insurance companies, credit card companies and financial institutions that offer identity theft services. Some of these organizations only focus on identity restoration while some offer both protection and restoration services.

The BIDTC review team has currently reviewed 22 of these organizations and is on a quest to review several more in the upcoming weeks. Current reviews include Citi, Chase, Geico, The Hartford, Zander Insurance Group and State Farm.

“We wanted consumers to know that identity theft protection companies weren’t the only identity theft services being offered,” said’s Website Manager John Toolson. “Some consumers may already be customers of an insurance group of bank that offers identity theft add-on or endorsement products. We’ve done all the research, and now all consumers have to do is decide if that product is the one for them.”

The BIDTC review team uses the same 10-point Criteria to rank insurance companies, credit card companies and financial institutions. Some of the Criteria factors consist of (but isn’t limited to):
-Identity protection quality
-Identity Recovery quality
-Insurance quality
-Better Business Bureau Rating
-User Rating

Consumers may find the quality in insurance companies, credit card companies and financial institutions very different from identity theft protection companies. Prices tend to be cheaper in insurance and financial organizations because their customers are already members and are paying for an add-on or endorsement product. Also, insurance companies focus less on the protection aspect of identity theft and instead have a great insurance policy.

“ is opening another door for people who don’t know that their bank or insurance company already offers great perks and benefits like identity theft coverage,” Toolson said. investigates all companies with identity theft services or products in the industry. Their team inspects all of the factors to each company in order to summarize full and easy-to-consume reviews for people. Their website allows users, experts and companies to have a voice regarding identity theft services.

“Our BIDTC review team is giving consumers the information they want to know about all identity theft services, not just the companies that focus on identity theft.” Toolson said.

Consumers can read reviews on insurance companies, credit card companies and financial institutions that offer identity theft services by visiting

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