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Review Site Reveals Truth About James Vicary's 1957 Experiment

Subliminal MP3 Review Site Boldly Claims Fakeness of James Vicary’s Experiment


Sitria, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- Subliminal mp3s review site boldly states that James Vicary’s research on subliminal messaging was a hoax. The site stated what actually happened in 1958 and how James Vicary’s company got bankrupt after the US Government finally knew the truth. According to the admin of the review site,, in 1962, James Vicary himself admitted that he faked his research results.

James Vicary was a market researcher who was known best for his work on subliminal advertising in 1957. He conducted a test that was called The Vicary Movie Experiment to back up his research. It involved having movie-goers watch a movie where there are messages flashed every 5 seconds. The messages were words that told the audience to buy pop-corn and buy coke. The results came out later on and it was found that Coca-Cola sales and pop-corn sales went up drastically.

The review site, told the above story in detail, however ended it in a very shocking revelation. It said that James Vicary’s experiment was a hoax. It shared the story on how the United States Federal Communication Commissions tried to do their own experiment on subliminal advertising. Government officials were the subjects in the experiment. According to the review site, this time, the experiment didn’t work saying that not even one person who watched the TV show with subliminal messages mp3 had the craving to eat pop-corn even after the show had ended.

It further told the story on how other psychologists have tried to redo the experiment. They too had poor results. In 1958, finally James Vicar’s Company went broke. Later on in 1962, James Vicary made a statement that he faked the results of his experiment. These are all according to

About was established on 2008 and is a review site for It does an extensive review on the site and its products, provides an explanation on how subliminal messages through mp3s work. Developing a positive attitude, boosting self-confidence, weight loss, attracting good luck and attracting money are just some of the subliminal mp3 products that it gives an extensive review about.

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