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Review the Pandaren Wine Culture for Warcraft


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- For panda a blow out of the war, of course, can’t be without a good wine, the wine can improve fighting spirits, to help heal relaxing tendons, wine or a panda a special weapon against the enemy besides the equipment by wow gold; in the life of the panda more being accompanied by wine, leisure and hospitality, both farming and fishing, wine in the panda occupies the important position of the culture, so wine such as life taste, just enjoy it!

Panda people's passion for wine, promote the development of the brewing technology in the history of panda who appeared many family brewing for a living, and the members of the family career are winebibber, players familiar spirits family storm is a branch of them. The first monk is the first of the dawn. Kang, so the game is recorded of the panda winebibber is the earliest blind winebibber nonyl, end the rest of my life to create makes people hearing, smell, touch, taste is happy with the glycol four sweet wine.

According to the game, was once prosperous golden wine family, also many earlier than liquor family storms? From made size and shape of the family tomb, golden wine family is famous in the past and powerful with much world of warcraft gold, but now I do not know for what reason gold wine family decline obviously, now also only in Chen Fang Yuan Peggy, golden wine and his daughter Sarah. Golden wine represents the golden wine brewing culture in the family.

Golden wine, hold the most representative is golden wine family wine, in the morning fang garden Peggy. Golden wine hotel, you can taste to a place like this is a great pleasure of wine, at the same time feel the golden wine culture in the family. Here you can not only to drink wine can also and now very rare barrel manufacturing craftsmen to explore how to hide wine, wine maker and open to talk about how to open the wine, of course can also and panda "poet" lee. Look for pregnant to discuss poetry, Peggy. Golden brew is spent a lot of wow gold in the three wine racks to help him to "take care of business".


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