Review Badger Inc Tobacco Reviews Finds Pax Vaporizer as the Best Alternative to Electronic Cigarette


Georges Mills, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- has given Pax Vaporizer a 5 star rating and has stated that it is one of the best vaporizing devices for tobacco. Pax Vaporizer created by the company Ploom has gotten the maximum stars from both consumers and critics. Review Badger has an extensive database of vaporizer reviews and also publishes analysis of latest cameras.

Mr. Johnson, the media spokesperson of, quoted on the current trend of vaporizers, “Vaporizers which were initially introduced as a device for herbal substances are slowly spreading across the tobacco industry as well. The main reason behind their success is the ability of the device to bring down nicotine in a vaporized form. Another factor is the taste being very similar to a regular tobacco cigarette.”

Review Badger which is dedicated in providing vaporizer reviews has given max rating for design, portability and price of Pax Vaporizer. According to the review, Pax Vaporizer has the same size as an ordinary lighter and can be operated for 2 hours continuously. An outstanding warranty of 10 years and an LED light for notifying various modes are one of a kind features of the device, finds the review. The review,, also has a YouTube video where Pax Vaporizer is analyzed and its working is demonstrated.

Another company that provides reviews on vaporizers and has given top honors to Pax Vaporizer is Read Real Reviews. Nearly same rating is given to the device except Read Real Reviews feels it is slightly expensive. However, its 10 year warranty and 3 temperature settings have also been commended in their review, Read Real Reviews gave Pax Vaporizer 5 stars for Portability and Quality, and 4 stars for Price.

Mr. Johnson quoted on Review Badgers future plans, “We have already established ourselves in reviewing vaporizers. Our readers know that we are independent and the opinions expressed by our professionals are their own. We are open to any feedback and have even set up different rating system for users. In the future we want to apply our review system to latest electronic products. We have started reviewing cameras and will review other gadgets as well.”

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