Reviews Vaporizers Inc Publishes Findings of Review, Awards Pax Vaporizer Best Portable Vaporizer


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- In an effort to help vaporizer prospects make an informed decision, has evaluated various vaporizers available on the online market and has given top honors to Pax Vaporizer. The company which is dedicated in providing information regarding vaporizers and vaporization has released its top 10 vaporizer list in which Pax Vaporizer is #1. The company also provides detailed information regarding types of vaporizers, latest news, vaporizer accessories and new products.

According to the website, Pax Vaporizer has been awarded 5 stars by the critics and 4.5 stars by users making it the best portable vaporizer. The product has been praised for its design, portability and value for money. Pax vaporizer comes with a removable lid, mouthpiece, charger dock station and a cleaning kit. The vaporizer which is created by Ploom has many impressive features which stand out amongst other products, finds the review. The review states that features such as 3 different temperature setting (low, medium and high), a LED light which acts as an indicator (temperature, battery life, readiness for use, charging), a motion sensor to check battery life and readiness of the vaporizer, the size of device which is equivalent to an oversized lighter, light weight, quick heating and a 10 year warranty by the company has given Pax Vaporizer the title of best portable vaporizer.

The company other than the top 10 list has divided the vaporizer reviews according to their type. Digital, portable, oil and balloon/bag are some of the categories of vaporizers mentioned on the site. The final top 10 list however compares the features of all vaporizers and orders them according to the rating given by both experts and users. Another list titled as people’s choice is also published by the site, which gives the best rated vaporizers by the users only.

The vaporizer reviews,, are regularly updated as per release of new products. The company states that these reviews are their personal perspectives and not those of any arbitrary entities, related or unrelated. Also the company quotes, “We take pride in what we do, which is review vaporizers, and we have no intention of compromising our integrity.”

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Reviews Vaporizers Inc is one of the leading companies in providing information regarding vaporizers and vaporization. Through their online platform,, the company publishes reviews on various vaporizers available online. They are known for providing thorough research and evaluation of vaporizers. The company’s list of top 10 vaporizers is one of its most popular aspects.

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