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Revitol Review Gives Stretch Mark Prevention Cream a Thumbs Up


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2012 -- Consumers can gain greater insight and make smarter decisions about Revitol products thanks to the new website, It specializes in offering impartial reviews of Revitol’s range to give potential buyers the information they need.

Whether someone is thinking about buying Hair Removal Cream, Anti Wrinkle Cream, or Stretch Mark Prevention Cream, will provide a run-down of the positives and negatives, as well as a summary of the current online user reviews regarding the product.

According to website, “[In the reviews]you will learn if the Revitol Creams actually work, what’s in them, if they lives up to their claims, how they work and how long they take to have any effect.”

The site’s latest product review is for Revitol Stretch Mark Cream , and includes a detailed step-by-step review that takes into account a broad spectrum of opinion from the various online sources researched.

Each review is broken down into easy to read sections, explaining what the problem is, how the cream intends to deal with it, what process has been used to develop it, the advantages and disadvantages users have been talking about, and the verdict on its efficacy. The Stretch Mark Cream received a glowing thumbs up.

The website also has information on Revitol’s promotional offers, and in the latest review, links to a promotion giving away two bottles of the stretch mark cream for a free trial. This trial obviously helps Revitol pitch their product to new users, but it also allows those users to give feedback which will then be used by Revitol Review; a canny strategy for increasing the data intake.

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Revitol Review is a new website and has only just begun to cover the range of Revitol products on offer.

The website makes use of meta-analysis of user reviews across a spectrum of consumer websites to find a portrait of the product in the free market.

The author then supplements her own personal reviews with this analysis to give a broader picture. Ultimately, the reviews are primarily intended to be the consideration of the person writing, and she gives her own “stamp of approval” if the product meets or exceeds her expectations.