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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- RevoCure, a company dedicated in providing natural weight loss supplements, is now offering their popular product Raspberry Ketone 500 at a 57% discount through Raspberry Ketone has become a premier choice of weight loss supplement ever since it was showcased on the Dr. Oz show. The product has gained further popularity mainly due to its effectiveness and showing no signs of side effects at all. Nearly all consumers of Raspberry Ketone have stated that a significant weight loss was noticed in the first month of consumption alone.

The media spokesperson of RevoCure quoted on how the popular raspberry ketone actually works, “Every doctor or weight loss specialist talks about the importance of regulation of metabolism when trying to lose weight. Raspberry Ketone can help one achieve weight loss at a much faster pace by helping the body regulate the metabolism. This extract has absolutely no side effects as told by many specialists including Lisa Lynn the weight loss expert on the Dr. Oz segment. Raspberry Ketones increases the secretion of a hormone called Adiponectin, a hormone which supports energy metabolism and regulates it as well. Further raspberry ketone also breaks down the fat cells that are in the body and converts it into usable energy. Hence our supplement performs various roles all of which are to guide the functioning of the body such that the right weight is obtained and maintained.”

Despite the fact that Raspberry Ketone has been approved by FDA since 1965 with no known side effects its popularity rose after its TV appearance. Now the consumer feedbacks have further influenced other customers, which state the highly effective nature of the product. Companies in the weight loss industry have acknowledged the fact that raspberry ketone has reached recording breaking stature and rightly so as it is a product that is purely natural and equally effective.

RevoCure pure raspberry ketone which is now available at is 100% pure and has no soy, gluten, fillers, artificial ingredients and binders. The clinically proven supplement is now available at nearly half the price and contains 90 vegetarian capsules per bottle. Currently the supplement is competitively priced especially due to the increased number of capsules per bottle when compared to other companies. RevoCure stated that the pure raspberry ketone is one of their best products and was carefully manufactured to offer premium results.

About RevoCure
RevoCure is a leading GMP certified Nutraceutical Wellness Company that specializes in providing natural weight loss supplements. Through their online platform,, the various products offered by the company and comprehensive details of their supplements can be viewed. The company is known for its natural products that are highly effective and have no known side effects.

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