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Revolax, a Revolutionary Product That Can Treat Deep Wrinkles and Augment Cheeks, Chin and Lips

A Product that is Bio-Degradable and Does Not Contain Any Animal-Based Materials


Seoul, Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2019 -- Gangnam Style Shop is pleased to present their innovative beauty product, the Revolax Dermal Fillers. Revolax Deep is made up of Lidocaine, a pure hyaluronic acid gel that is thick and lasts long. The product has been formulated and designed after great research. It is believed to have properties that treat deep wrinkles and nasolabials folds. The ingredients also help in augmentation of cheeks, chin and lips. The fillers need to be injected into the deep dermis also known as the subcutaneous tissue. The product is made in Korea with all the necessary certifications. The ingredients are biodegradable and are free of synthetics or animal-based materials. The filler is designed to offer high viscoelasticity thereby making the skin supple and youthful.

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