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Revolution Clothing That Elevates Away from Societal Conformities

“O.G Clothing Inspires Freedom and Creativity That Empowers Todays Youths”


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- The innovative fashion brand O.G Clothing, represents a strong and passionate foundation that is rooted within acts of revolution and being ‘Revolutionary’.  The brand utilises aesthetics that are not only visually pleasing-being tastefully illustrative with ere of subtle defiance, detailing that the wearer of the garment is proud to stand up for their freedom against tyranny and oppression of a controlling system.

The ranges of clothing that this revolutionary statement brand offer various garment types to cater for the revolutionary in all customers. Ranging from men’s to women’s high end urban wear, equipping attire akin to the growing population against any elite control. O.G Clothing empowers the masses of the original trendsetters and natural leaders who are strong mentally, physically and spiritually.

The market uttered a calling for a brand that is not only controversial but empowering to its customers as they relate to the portrayed ethos of ‘positive change’. The high end urban brand answered the markets’ desire to own revolution clothing that can represent the customers that were being inaccurately catered for within the stagnant uniformity of approach to living in a modernised realm that depicts the customer as a sheep of sorts to the machine of consumerism.

The revolutionary brand stands alone in the market having obvious opposing fashion brands that exist with an opposite ethos to say the least, such as the urban brand from America “OBEY” clothing in which they state the following from their site “with biting sarcasm verging on reverse psychology, he goads viewers, using the imperative ‘obey’, to take heed of the propagandists out to bend the world to their agendas”.

Comparing the stand point, O.G Revolutionary Clothing takes on this same matter compared to OBEY is that the latter has not defined nor projected a clear concise portrayal of ‘self-empowerment’ or anti-control, even while if that is stipulated via reverse psychology and juxtaposed embellishments. O.G Clothing makes no room for misinterpretation to its agenda and intentions, which is to ‘Dis-obey’ any system of oppression and furthermore is pronounced as a brand made by the people for the people.

Original Garments Clothing Co. arrives at a time that is essential to fulfil the growing demand of an increasingly aware public which in turn on the other spectrum, highlights a pop culture trend that is submissive to a system of control in which praises unethical behaviour that is applauded via celebrity status which creates unfulfilled unsubstantiated prospects for the current generation and that to come.

The use of archetypal figure heads are used in some of their collection such as che Guevara,guy fawlks,Malcolm x and other revolutionist throughout the ages as well as visually effective statements that appeal to the targeted audience.

After further deliberation it is evident that this ‘Revolutionary’ brand takes responsibility for its controversy and stays steadfast in its ethos. The London based fashion brand projects its ethics beautifully on their apparel via print, embellishments, various fits and cuts that truly embody the spirit of the people.

The revolution is here and now, the revolution can be found at their online store and allocated stockists, O.G Clothing the brand that relinquishes the bonds of control.

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