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Revolution Fitness Now Brings 4-Month Fitness Plan for Clients


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Revolution Fitness an acclaimed fitness center now brings 4-month fitness plan for clients. This plan divides focus upon the ultimate goal into few short term goals. Once clients start achieving these easy goals, their mind is automatically pushed to reach out for the next goal and so on.

A representative while discussing the 4-month fitness plan stated, “If you are really focused and want to achieve those wonderful results you have always dreamt of, then our 4-months fitness plan in Lord Lauderdale, Florida is the right choice. It is obvious to keep one ultimate goal to attain a certain level of fitness. But if that remains the only goal, then within a week or so you may start feeling disappointed as you will be nowhere in comparison to your expectations.”

He added further, “So it is advised rather than focusing upon the main goal, it is good to have several smaller goals that are realistic and easily achievable.” Apart from their monthly plans, Revolution Fitness also offers fitness related information through, “Help me get in shape” section. As per this fitness center getting a body in shape not only depends upon the amount of exercise performed but on the overall life style.

This includes numerous factors but the prominent one is diet. Reducing weight is not about eating less instead it is about eating right in right quantity. The calories intake should be forty five to fifty percent from carbohydrates, thirty to thirty five percent from proteins, and fifteen percent from unsaturated fats. There should be “No breakfast skipping” and regular exercise routine should be followed. This fitness chart at Revolution Fitness aims to help clients lose weight and attain shape.

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Revolution Fitness is a state of the art Gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It offers a diverse, judgment free zone where a lasting and active lifestyle can be built. It has variety of fitness programs to choose from. These programs aim at providing a unique environment where everyone can be comfortable. Their researched and tested weight loss workout plan aims at delivering best possible service to the clients. Revolution Fitness focus upon the visible results thus hire only professional gym trainers.

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