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Revolution & Killuminati Clothing Winter Deals by OG Clothing Line

The coming season of the holiday’s approaches near, we are on the verge of completing our company’s photo shoot making our brand more pronounced within the fashion arena. Jumpers and hoody tops will be going on sale marking the launch of OG Clothing website new update and theme photo shoot.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Revolution Clothing line along with sweat jumpers from our killuminati brand will be going on winter sale celebrating the mark of our new site being fully finished in the coming few days as of next coming week. We are holding a photo shoot to ensure the theme of our brand will look aesthetic with the awe of an appeal whilst sending our artistic message across.

The plans was meticulous in getting the photo shoot organised by our in house team whilst our graphic designers set the mood boards to help enhance the quality of the scene we are trying to portray as a whole. We are looking to go wild with the photo shoot making killuminati clothing become more attractive to the public’s eye. And on the other hand, we impress the ideology of self-consciousness through our brands that ‘it’s not just about looking good however, it is about feeling the message representing your mood’.

We are currently changing the scene of design from hip hop clothing to Italian style cut to match the demands of today’s consumer market. This enabled us to refocus the direction in our upcoming brands. Gone the days of wearing baggy clothes such as the fabled fad of its time “hip hop clothing”, since the music sound of hip hop changed so did the fashion style with it.

Revolution Clothing will be going on sale this winter season however dates are not confirmed as of yet, this will be exciting news for our shoppers this is a gift to those support the message behind the brand. The sale time will be limited time only for a short time. There are rumours the sale will continue into the next year 2014 February.

We have a wide diverse of information with current up to date news and offers on our site. Check out many selections of urban fashion and our Revolutionary news updates on our blogs to know more about what we are about and the latest news.

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