Revolutionary Device Is a Home Gym in One Hand

Fitness expert Damian Sanders designs a personal workout device that can be held in one hand and duplicates most gym machines.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Finding a place to get a good workout is not always easy, until now. Fitness guru Damian Sanders is leading team experts to develop the XBAR, a revolutionary workout device.

To bring the project to market, Sanders and company have launched , to raise the needed money.

“The XBAR will set a new standard for person workouts,” Sanders said. “The entire package fits in one small carry bag. You can do enough exercises to keep you busy all day with everything in the bag.”

To prove his point, the development team produced a video, , showing just how versatile the XBAR really is.

“The beauty is in its simplicity. We didn’t reinvent the wheel; we just made it so much better,” he said. “We took the idea of something already on the market, a curl bar, and turned it into something much greater. Comparing the XBAR to a curl bar is like comparing a one person paddling a canoe to a competitive rowing team. They both get results, but the XBAR delivers professional results in far less time.”

The complete XBAR package is the bar itself, push up blocks, door jamb attachment and four resistance bands. Sanders said he’s already go manufacturers lined up to produce the various components, including two companies to make the resistance bands.

“Take your workout with you when you travel,” Sanders said. “With the XBAR, which fits easily into a suitcase, you don’t have to worry about finding a gym when on the road. You brought it with you.”

The XBAR team chose the KickStarter platform to raise money to finish a few engineering details and launch the marketing campaign.

At the beginning level, contributors will be listed on the contributors page and get regular updates. At the $150 level, contributors will get the XBAR and all the accessories. At the top contribution level, $2,500, contributors get the XBAR and all the accessories and get to bring a friend for a day of snowboarding with Damian Sanders & Co. in the Big Bend area. Travel not included.

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About XBAR
The XBAR team consists of a panel of engineering experts, fitness experts and project managers. Together, they bring a solid business approach to the XBAR development.