Revolutionary Jaw & Face Workout Tool Launched in the USA from JawFlex


Hunington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- The new JawFlex features dual coil resistance springs that works out your jaw and surrounding face muscles. Over the past few years JawFlex dental engineers have worked to create a tool that mimics natural biting motion while also stretching and strengthen muscles. JawFlex is made from the highest quality heat and pressure material and is comfortable, tear resistant, odorless, tasteless, and not bulky, JawFlex has been designed to cause minimal interference to speaking and have excellent retention and fit. JawFlex patented design is not only effective at increasing jaw strength but also convenient and easy to use.

JawFlex is design and manufactured in the USA, and has been gaining momentum as most recommend product for working out your face and sculpting a strong jawline. With over 2000 shares on Facebook within the first few days of launching JawFlex is quickly being integrated into the daily workout routines by professional contact sport athletes. This advanced technology allows you to greatly increase facial muscle collagen, biting strength, jaw stability, and improve the muscle flexibility. JawFlex has been adopted by users of all ages from high school football to MMA Legends like UFC 8 Champion Marco Ruas. Whether you are in high impact sports or just looking to create a more attractive jawline JawFlex exercises can help in ways traditional face workouts cannot.

How Does JawFlex Work

The key ingredient to what makes JawFlex such an effective facial muscles workout is the combination of stretching and biting with resistance. Exercising and stretching the jaw correctly will increase the flexibility of the surrounding connective tissues commonly associated with flash knout outs. After extended use of JawFlex the muscles will begin to stretch, strengthen and realign resulting improved in physical appearance and helps reduce the risk of jaw injuries. In addition some of the side benefits to JawFlex include it prevents teeth grinding & clenching, alleviate muscular tension, and helps relieve stress & discomfort.

Having a Strong Jawline is Attractive to Women

"Women are biologically set to desire a strong jaw line. It is evidence of high testosterone, fertility, strength. All factors which contribute to a male being able to father offspring and feed/protect them. " ~

Having a strong well defined jawline creates the appearance of authority and masculinity. This can clearly be seen on many Hollywood action stars and male models. People use JawFlex as part of normal exercise routine to improve the look of their jawlines, and maintain health strong facial muscles. JawFlex exercises will not only work the jawline but also affects the neck, chin, cheeks, and muscles under your eyes because face muscles are all interconnected to the jaw area. It is a great tool for removing your double chin because it helps tighten and lift the muscles of the jaw and chin. Using JawFlex is also has the added benefit of creating health smooth facial skin. This is because working out your facial muscles increase collagen which can prevent & reduce laugh lines and wrinkled skin.

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