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Revolutionary New RediDriver Post Driver Now Available in the United States and Canada


Boulder City, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- The revolutionary new post driver known as the RediDriver is now available in the U.S. and Canada. Engineered and tested in the rugged Australian Outback, the RediDriver delivers an amazing 1,720 BPM (blows per minute) without the need for compressors or hoses.

Until very recently, driving posts for fences was a difficult, time-consuming job requiring a pneumatic driver that needed compressors and long hoses to get the job done effectively.

Now, almost anyone can build a fence with the new RediDriver. Powered by a Honda four-stroke engine, the RediDriver can be easily operated by one person and has no hoses or compressors, which saves time, money, and effort. “After seeing it quickly become a best seller in the rugged Outback of Australia, we’re excited to be able to bring this unbelievably lightweight, powerful and self-contained tool to the United States,” said a RediDriver spokesperson

Designed by Christie Engineering, the RediDriver delivers an astounding 28 blows per second or 1,720 blows-per-minute with the force and speed equal to a pneumatic driver. Powered by a Honda GX35 inclinable engine specially designed to work at any angle all day long, it weighs just 32 pounds and can drive 400–500 posts on a gallon of gas.

The portable nature and easy handling of the RediDriver makes it possible to build a fence on hard, rocky ground and rough, hilly terrain. The versatile machine can handle a variety of fencing posts, fence poles, and fence types including chain link fencing, aluminum fencing, fence steel posts, and wooden fencing.

More affordable and efficient than a pneumatic driver, the comfortable spring-loaded handles absorb the shock, which greatly improves production by reducing worker fatigue. In addition, because it is lightweight and gasoline powered, it can be quickly carried and moved down the fence line with ease. The RediDriver also meets all U.S. emission and noise regulations, and comes with a two-year engine warranty and a one-year parts warranty.

The highly affordable RediDriver can be purchased online with secure checkout using a number of payment options. Customers enjoy free shipping in the continental U.S. with options for express shipping available. For more information, please visit http://www.redidriver.com/

About RediDriver
The revolutionary RediDriver post driver makes it possible for one person to drive any post fast, efficiently, easily and powerfully without the need for compressors or hoses. Tested and proven in the Australian Outback, the RediDriver delivers an amazing 1,720 blows per minute with a force equal to the old cumbersome pneumatic drivers. Powered by a Honda GX35 inclinable engine specially designed to work at any angle, the RediDriver allows access to rough terrain that conventional pneumatic drivers can’t handle while saving money, manpower, time and fuel.