Revolutionary New Tool 'TekiMate' Aims to Enable People Aged 12+ Build Their Own Commercial Windows OS Software


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- A revolutionary NEW tool called 'TekiMate' aims to enable anyone aged 12+ - even those with NO technical skills - to build their own commercial Windows OS software.

Tekimate represents a revolution in software creation and offers life-changing opportunities to anyone from the age of 13 and up!

At it's heart, TekiMate is an exciting and innovative tool; it is a super-easy, super-fast software creation platform that enables anyone to create their own, unique, high-value Windows OS software programs and it can also be used by schools and colleges as a unique educational tool to facilitate transformational learning by developing logical, methodical and creative thinking.

With TekiMate, one doesn't need to have any technical skills on the computer other than being able to type, copy and paste. We guarantee that even a 12 year-old is more than able to use TekiMate to create their own computer software, and the best part is, they can see results very quickly!

TekiMate is an innovative, easy-to-use, rapid software creation platform and transformational learning tool that has been developed to help students (13+ years) and teachers to design, develop and build their own software. Until now, it would take days or even weeks of hardcore programming to create the kinds of software people can build with TekiMate. What makes TekiMate so revolutionary is that users see results very quickly.

Literally within an hour or so of loading up TekiMate on their PC, users can be creating their own software programs. With Tekimate, anyone can create their own intuitive, Windows OS software programs that have real-world practical and commercial applications within a few hours.

One of the most exciting aspects of TekiMate is that there are literally endless possibilities in terms of the kinds of software users can create with it! Examples of software products that have been created with TekiMate include Kindle Book Creator, Mobile Web Site Builder, Personal Fitness programs and Calculators, Facebook App Creator

TekiMate creator and co-founder, Andrew Brocklehurst, an IT Consultant and programmer said, 'We wanted to create a tool that was so easy to use, an eight year old could create meaningful software with it. We weren't interested in a tool that made silly games. We wanted something that could produce practical, commercial software. Software that other people or businesses would want to buy.'

TekiMate is now inviting investment through and offering investors the opportunity to receive the new TekiMate Version 2 plus the new TekiMate LaunchPad (a complementary software that enables users to entegrate several programs (and video and e-books) into a single interface.

TekiMate v2 and TekiMate LaunchPad are set to be released in September 2014

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