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Revolutionary Personal Productivity Program Actually Gets Things Done


Madras, Tamil Nadu -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- "Getting Things Done Now", a personal productivity guide that has improved the lives of millions of entrepreneurs and knowledge workers, has been released in a new, improved edition that scales new heights in helping readers in getting things done. In a review of Get Things Done, these new developments are analyzed in depth and the spotlight is cast on the advantages it brings to users.

Ming Vase Time Management, a personal productivity enterprise, launched the productivity system called "Getting Things Done Now" with the goal of helping make life simpler while freeing up time by removing clutter and enabling people to actually accomplish important tasks efficiently.

With over one thousand users of the material in its earlier iterations, there is little doubt that the process outlined in the Get Things Done guide really works. Readership has grown by leaps and bounds, transforming regular users into productivity powerhouses.

"I have experienced dramatic improvement in productivity ever since I studied this approach and made changes in the way I work," says Gayathri Devi, a programmer with one of the leading software firms in the nation. "I hit my personal targets without fail and do it with time to spare, thanks to the power of the Getting Things Done Now system."

The newest upgrade of the guide is the most important one since its inception, designed to make personal productivity fun. By helping boost 'stick rate' (the frequency with which users read the ebook and integrate the system into their day to day life), "Getting Things Done Now" will impact more people and do it more deeply.

A companion guide to "How To Focus", which is in itself a best seller that has transformational power over users, this new guide helps users with all their to-do tasks, prioritizing them to get started on a positive note, and then keep track of progress over the course of a work day.

To go into greater detail about the new updates, and even get a free trial download to sample the power of this process, visit the website at http://www.GettingThingsDoneNow.org

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