Revolutionary-Solar Powered-Outer Space Engine-Revealed Today


Port Saint Lucie, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Actual rough engine prototype, operating video demonstrations, available for online viewing.

See actual working prototype DC powered Space Engine Videos.  For this video briefing plus demonstration video sources.

The new Space Engine provides real hope, in the elimination of liquid fuel, that also requires launching, with every Space Vehicle, to provide vehicle, or Astronaut Space walk, alignments in the vacuum of Outer Space.

It is easy to see why the worldwide Space Vehicle Industry and NASA, now paying millions to launch this fuel, would be excited about this new breakthrough.  The Space Engine is currently awaiting NASA trials and is available, for live demonstrations, to Space Industry Representatives.

The research engineer has allowed, a since 2008 antique radio and other technical items website, to provide a server, along with pages, to show the actual working rough prototype videos, to the public, via its Site Map.

Media Contact:

Lance Wenner
Port Saint Lucie, FL