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Revolutionary Transgender Voice Training Offered to Trans Individuals


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2017 -- Because the voice is an important aspect of one's expression, transgender voice training is crucial for trans individuals who do not believe their current voice properly represents their true gender identity.  While transgender voice training can be completed at home with popular mobile apps, TG Voice Therapy's pioneering techniques and expertise accelerates and eases the process for their clients.   Additionally, those who seek out the help of a professional speech therapist report better results than those who use at-home methods alone.

Particularly for transgender women, the transgender voice training process is made difficult by the fact that individuals who undergo puberty prior to hormone replacement therapy will develop traditional male vocal characteristics.  TG Voice Therapy works with their clients to not only control vibration and pitch, but also speech patterns, pronunciation and intonation to expertly transition the voices of those looking for transgender voice training.  TG Voice Therapy is staffed by a team of compassionate and highly-skilled professionals who pride themselves in their ability to help their clients reach their ideal voice.

Because TG Voice Therapy understands the frustration that comes from having a voice that doesn't fully represent yourself, TG Voice Therapy's transgender voice training is customized to the specific needs of their clients to best achieve their desired voice goals.  Grounded in the belief that everyone should be comfortable and confident in their own voice, TG Voice Therapy developed their revolutionary transgender voice training to meet this mission and has successfully improved the lives of their clients.

About TG Voice Therapy
TG Voice Therapy is the preeminent provider of transgender voice training and is notable in its individualized voice training programs.  Because of its innovative and highly-successful voice training techniques, TG Voice Therapy is the perfect resource for those seeking voice feminization or voice masculinization.  

For more information regarding their services, please contact TG Voice Therapy at their website: Phone: 323-954-0887.

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