How to Lose Weight Fast

Revolutionary Vests Reveals How to Lose Weight Fast with Quick Weight Loss Vests

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South Yorkshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- Sweatz have launched a revolutionary product in fitness world, Quick Weight Loss Vests. Sweatz claims that these Weight Loss Vests are specially fabricated to accelerate the fat burning in the body and hence lead to quick weight loss.

“The vest works in two ways, firstly by raising body temperature, so human body has to work far harder to cool down (to thermo regulate). Secondly they cause the body to produce a heavy profuse sweat. The extra energy (increased energy expenditure) the human body uses to cool down and maintain a healthy core temperature and create the sweat burns off at least twice the amount of calories and fat, accelerating weight loss to a tremendous level. These specially engineered Vests are the simplest weight loss aids, easy to use and it works to improves blood circulation, it helps to maintains immune system, it eliminates toxins and heavy metals, it helps to get rid of cellulite, cleanses and rejuvenates skin, reduces allergies and even lowers stress.” said the spokesperson from Sweatz. He further added "The Sweatz Weight Loss Vest is engineered using state of the art labs, to create a fabric perfect for burning fat. It’s like another layer of wrap around skin without the health risk and they are so easy to use. It’s light, comfortable & toxin free."

“If a person is looking to lose weight fast, then his life is going to be lot easier and twice as fast. Ever imagined that wearing a vest can help lose weight twice as fast? Well then this is going to be a new revolution in fitness World, with this clinically tested product by Sweatz Weight Loss Vests. As a weight loss Personal Trainer for over 2 years our clients have had huge success with this product” stated Ian Morrison, a fitness Expert and one of the regular user of Sweatz Vests.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Quick Weight Loss Vests.

Simply wear a Sweatz Vest under usual training gear when doing any exercise or activity and lose weight twice as fast.” said Ian Morrison.

The spokesperson from Sweatz revealed that the product was clinically tested at United Kingdom’s Top universities, The University of Mississippi and Salford University, and testing results have shown that during exercise using the Sweatz Vest increased Calorie burn to over (800 kcal) approximately 60% higher, compared to the same amount of exercise without wearing a Sweatz Vest (500 kcal). He further added “The Sweatz Vest is designed specifically to increase body temperature so that the body has to thermo regulate which means it has to work far harder, burning far more calories and fat to keep cool. It also produces a deep, profuse sweat, and to create each gram of sweat a human body has to burn twice the amount of fat. Combining these two events which occur burns off between an extra 300-800 calories. This is more than double the amount of fat lost. So not only does the Sweatz Weight Loss Vest more than double the amount of fat a person can lose, it also speeds up weight loss and halves the time it takes to achieve it. It’s got nothing to do with water loss, it’s the extra calories human body burns to create the sweat and maintain a healthy core temperature that leads to lose weight fast.”

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