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rEvolutionary Wellness Founder Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign in Support of Preventative Care eBook Launch

Stephanie Welch, Founder of rEvolutionary Wellness, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support the creation of her book "The Human Body User Manual, vol. 1: Physical Health". The book takes an evolutionary perspective toward health and provides education for its readership on the ways to rejuvenate the body both before and after aches and pains appear.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- In an effort to put the power, quite literally, back into the hands of those who need it the most, Stephanie Welch has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support the writing of her new eBook entitled, “The Human Body User Manual, vol. 1: Physical Health”. The book, once funding has been achieved, will be dedicated to providing a clear picture of how the human body develops, how it changes structure over time, and why it wears down irrespective of aging and genetics. Simply stated, the book will offer information about how to use non-invasive, preventative treatments to support the body’s full range of motion and keep it moving healthfully for the duration of one’s life. This wealth of information is not often offered by primary care physicians, but now, with the help of crowdfunding support, will be compiled into the first volume in a series of three to support overall body health.

An academic turned massage therapist, Welch said of the necessity of the book and the push to bring it to the mainstream, “The first volume of The Human Body User Manual will focus on helping readers alleviate joint pain, strengthen muscles, and restore alignment by improving overall core health, addressing pain’s root causes in posture and improper movement habits. What we often refer to as normal wear and tear in the body, such as arthritis, is almost always preventable, and by and large reversible. Even cartilage regrows! And there are feasible ways to reconcile our body's conflicting survival strategies and work with its built-in maintenance systems, using exercises and restoring balance to permanently resolve ailments and their causes. Suffice it to say, this book will not just be about treating symptoms.”

Being of the mind that people regenerate or degenerate their muscles and joints every day based on their unconscious movement habits, Welch says the only way to combat and reverse degeneration is to learn the most advantageous ways to move. Speaking to the unfortunate truth that damage from poor movement patterns often builds up over decades before symptoms actually develop, The Human Body User Manual, vol. 1: Physical Health is intended to be a game changer for the way doctors practice medicine. Welch adds, “Patients need to be armed with comprehensive information when they see their doctors and demand care that addresses the underlying causes. Pain is not inevitable with aging. Our bodies are biological machines, continually developing over time, and requiring proper alignment to function well. This book speaks in layperson’s terms about how the body actually works so we can begin to detect, prevent, and correct the majority of biomechanical dysfunction at any and every age of the individual.”

Highly illustrated and read easily, the book is slated to be 300 pages and the first in a series that will also cover nutrition and mental health. With the $8,100 in funding from the Indiegogo project, Welch hopes to independently publish and release the eBook in the spring. With a stretch goal of $21,500, Welch will endeavor to refine the book and make it ready for a print edition.

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rEvolutionary Wellness was founded by Stephanie Welch, BA, MA, LMT to promote a comprehensive, holistic approach to preventative healthcare. This resource uses the framework of evolutionary biology, put forth in the rEvolutionary Wellness blog, to synthesize science, reasoning, and the natural approach spearheaded by the ancestral health and modern Paleo movements.

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