Seo Experts Now Lets Participants Claim Amazon Gift Card


Kfar Yona, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 --, an independent rewards program for consumers, has announced the launch of a gift card program that can be claimed online. The Amazon Gift Card holds a value of $250 and can be claimed at no cost for consumers who have completed several orders at the rewards website.

Participation in the program is required for eligibility. In addition to being a U.S resident and at least 18 years old, participants must complete user surveys and have completed reward offers in several categories. Requirements include having taken part in two Silver, two Gold, and two Platinum offers, the availability of which may vary. To remain eligible, participants cannot cancel more than two sponsor offers within six days of the transaction date.

The offering is a rewards card and not an Amazon promotional code. Many of these are available and help to save financially. Shoppers are accustomed to seeing them online in addition to the many Amazon coupons available. The gift card is not the same as either of these. The rewards card is not directly affiliated with but a part of the independent rewards program. A limit of one per household is enforced.

Participants begin claiming the offer by entering their email address. All information entered must be valid in order to retain eligibility for an offer. To participate in the Amazon Gift Card offer, and see information on the requirements and limitations of signing up, please visit The Website.

About is a consumer-oriented independent rewards program. It is not sponsored or endorsed by listed products or retailers. Offers are based on the company’s affiliate network programs and co-marketing partnerships. Certain conditions may apply for participating in special offers.