Reyone Launches Text2Cal (SMS to Calendar) an Innovative Android App to Manage SMS Events


Madurai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- Reyone, a Personal assistant and Natural Language processing company have launched a new app to manage SMS/Text messages events in calendars. The app demonstrates Reyone's commitment to mobile solutions and their capabilities in developing cutting-edge apps around Natural Processing which helps users to remember the main events in their day to day activities. Reyone strives to offer an excellent tool that people from personal assistant and natural language processing field can use. This app is also designed to help reduce their work. The app is now available for download at Google Play.

Text2Cal is an app that can be used to add events and mark them on the calendar. Text2Cal is primarily aimed to help people avoid missing any important events where they are requested to come.

Text2Cal works by listening to all incoming and outgoing SMS on the phone. It will also determine whether there is a calendar event included in the text. This app will present a notification wherein the users can click in and add the event to their calendar. Being able to know what people do and when they do it is the very important information for most scenarios.

Text2Cal will use the text to show notifications with the calendar events.  This app will start to look what it assumes is the right information to use. When it is not certain, or it cannot decide between the options available, the app will ask the users to choose and then it will create the correct notification. Text2Cal will handle the process of scheduling the tasks for the convenience of users. As soon as the users send a message or they receive a text message, this app will present the options in an instant. Text2Cal will also add the events directly on the calendar. Users just need to sign up to Google and then all the calendar events created by this app will sync automatically with their Google calendar. It is quick and seamless. This app was created and introduced by Reyone. It works right after it was installed. Users just have to open this app and it will always run in the background even after each restart and power-off.

About Reyone Technologies
Reyone Technologies is the company that developed the newest app that works as a calendar assistant and event recorder named Text2Cal. This app is made specifically for Android devices. Reyone Technologies is based in India.

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Thangam Muniyandi
Company: Reyone Technologies
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