RFDI2way.com Offering Radio Accessories


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2018 -- RFDI2way.com is a Sales/Service/Integration company, expertly providing troubleshooting assistance to other wireless communication companies for advanced wireless coverage techniques for complex systems. Located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, RFDI2way.com currently staffs 14 employees and offers an array of product lines and service.

Besides radios, RFDI2way.com is offering accessories to enhance the utility of your radio devices. They provide the highest quality in radio batteries, including lithium and nicad batteries as well as Impress from Motorola. Depending on your needs and preferences, RFDI2way.com will provide you with large-capacity batteries with long life, or thinner, smaller batteries for lighter radios.

RFDI2way.com has a selection of radio earpieces, which can be convenient in environments where much of the radio communication goes in only one direction, as the one receiving the messages is free from needing to remove and replace the radio in their belt repeatedly. They are also indispensable for surveillance, due to the discretion they provide the user.

Additionally, RFDI2way.com provides both radio mics and belt clips. By placing their remote speaker mics in one's lapel, not only can users communicate hands-free, but they can even purchase waterproof speaker mics that are usable outside in the rain. Plus, RFDI2way.com's radio belt clips can serve as an excellent replacement for any belt clips that have become worn or broken.

Those who are interested in purchasing new radio accessories should contact RFDI2way.com by calling them at 215-874-3116, or by visiting their site at http://RDFI2way.com/.

About RFDI2way.com
Established in 1997, RFDI2way.com began as a wireless integration company providing infrastructure design and assistance. They have now emerged as a full-service company, providing both technical and systems solutions to various industries including public safety, broadcasting, manufacturing, education, hospitality, and transportation.

To learn more, visit http://RFDI2way.com/.