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Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2012 -- Reportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of 'RFID in Russia, CIS, Baltic States 2012-2022' report to its offering

This report analyses RFID supply and use in Russia and 15 surrounding countries. These countries have total population comparable to that of Russia but little more than one third of Russia's Gross Domestic product GDP in total and RFID use and potential in total. They are the Baltic States, CIS and, because of its RFID potential, Bulgaria ie Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

Since Russia has larger present and future demand than all the others put together and, unlike the other countries, it is a world leader in some aspects and seeking to be a world leader in others, we look particularly closely at it, including providing ten year forecasts by application and detailed comparison of its present and future RFID applications with the global situation and global forecasts. For example, Russia is already global leader in use of RFID ticketing and seeks to become leader in postal RFID use.

Overall, our research has involved interviews, recent conference presentations, web searches and examination of the world's largest searchable database of RFID projects, the RFID Knowledgebase which is updated continuously and currently covers 4,390 case studies involving 123 countries, 4435 organisations and 770 associated slideshows and audio recordings.

All the territories covered in this report have RFID projects but the only type common to all of them is RFID passports. Several activities involve RFID devices monitored and passing between many of these countries - notably passports, RFID monitoring of the post for performance and transfer of funds, intermodal container security and tracking and the NATO supply lines to Afghanistan.

This report contains the only up to date, detailed analysis of the supply, use and potential of RFID in Russia and 15 surrounding states. It identifies the four most important applicational categories and gives detailed analysis of the global and particularly Russian trends. Since governments are behind most of the success in RFID with laws and financing from passports to livestock tagging and military uses, making RFID largely recession proof, what are they planning in this region? How do the populations and GDP compare and what does that mean for RFID including the new applications in the natural resources sector? Which suppliers are most successful now and which are most impressive for the future in staffing, financing and product plans? Will imports be replaced with local supply? What are the favoured applications, hardware and service suppliers, frequencies, tag shapes and positions and other aspects in Russia, Moldova and so on? What will they be in future? To what specifications? Why is apparel tagging a leading subsector? How does Passenger Transport & Automotive compare with Land & Sea Logistics, Postal or other sectors such as Leisure, Sports? It is all here.

For the largest market in the region - Russia - the tag shapes, frequencies, positions, applications, read vs read write, active vs passive and project status are compared with the same graphs for the projects in the world as a whole. This is facts-based RFID analysis, where the publisher of this report is the acknowledged world leader. For Russia, new ten year forecasts are revealed by units, unit value and market value for tags for 20 applicational sectors and active vs passive. Value for RFID systems in Russia is also forecasted and an estimate is made for the total market value over the coming decade in the other regions surveyed, taken as a whole.

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