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RG Group Is Leading the Way for the Construction Industry Recruiting the Next Generation of Millennials


Hanover Square, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2016 -- The construction industry is known as one of the most aging industries, with a growing concern that the low number of young workers being recruited will become a skills "time bomb" as current workers retire over the next decade. Only 37% of construction workers are currently aged 35 and under, meaning that to maintain momentum and success, the construction industry must begin to invest in recruiting the next generation of workers.

The small number of Millennials working in the construction industry is largely due to the financial crisis. Fewer people are choosing to pursue careers in construction or take construction-based degrees, meaning there are less qualified professionals and construction consultants within this sector than in previous generations. RG Group believe it's important to invest in young workers and offer them the chance to work with one of the biggest office fit out companies in the UK.

Why top construction companies need to recruit Millennials
The concern for the construction industry and office fit out companies in London is that the aging workforce will eventually lead to a decline in skilled construction workers. Recruitment of Millennials is essential to prevent the diminishing workforce, but so too is employee retention and job satisfaction. RG Group are leading the way for top construction companies by offering a range of opportunities for young workers within their company. This is with the aim to inspire more young people to work within the construction industry as a long term career.

Behaviours of the Millennial workforce
The work behaviour of Millennials suggests that many employees choose to move jobs and change career paths frequently. There are also different communication styles and expectations. This means that retention is difficult but achievable through adapting company culture to embrace and guide this new way of thinking.

Recruiting Millennials into Construction
Millennials have grown up being influenced by a variety of factors such as health and safety concerns and the importance of self-improvement, as well as an expectation for job satisfaction and progression. RG Group's Marketing Manager, David Mars, had this to say "Millenials are of key importance to the success of the construction industry. They can bring a wide range of skills and at the same time achieve high levels of job satisfaction as they progress in different areas."

About RG Group
The RG Group delivers construction projects in a sustainable and innovative way to a wide range of clients across the UK. Their "can-do" attitude means that they work to deliver the highest possible standards at all times, since the company's formation in 1989. The RG Group has a customer focused approach, with over 25 years of experience in construction management, specialising in the retail sector and commercial construction.

More information about their retail, commercial and living space construction projects can be found on their website at http://rg-group.co.uk/

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