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Rhinestone Depot Launches New Products Together with Fall Sale on Swarovski Crystals

Rhinestone Depot has created a new page to host their latest products as they launch their fall sale, featuring classic products and new introductions.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Rhinestones were immortalised by Elvis, but have found their use in everything from high fashion to counter culture, studding leather jackets and designer dresses with equal but distinct aplomb. Rhinestones require a degree of skill to set, and real Swarovski crystal rhinestones are required to give the true glittering effect that people expect from a rhinestone encrusted garment. For anyone interested in buying Swarovski crystals wholesale, Rhinestone Depot has one of the largest collections available, and recently introduced even more new products along with the start of their fall sale.

The new products include purple velvet rhinestones, sunflower rhinestones, turquoise, amethyst, topaz, rose and silk rhinestones to name but a few. The new products also include katana pro rhinestone setter tools and other accessories, making it easier than ever for individuals to not only source their rhinestones but use them in new and creative ways.

The online catalogue features high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions including size and quantity, clear pricing and easy secure payment options. In the fall sale, rhinestone lovers can look forward to between 10 and 15% off their orders depending on the size, allowing them to either buy even more for the same price, or buy the same amount for less.

A spokesperson for Rhinestone Depot explained, “Our fall sale is an ideal time for individuals to stock up on our products. By offering 5% off all purchases and 10% off all orders over $150, people can save more money the more they spend. The sales code is available direct from our website so all visitors can benefit from it. Rhinestones make a perfect tool for creating highlights, lustre and sense of luxury in whatever garment our buyers are fabricating. Thanks to our unbeatable wholesale prices, stores and shops source their stock from us but we are also very popular with members of the public who can make smaller individual orders just as easily.”

About Rhinestone Depot
Rhinestone Depot is a family owned and operated business in Phoenix AZ specializing in Swarovski flat back and hotfix rhinestones. They provide outstanding customer service and an immense selection of rhinestone products. Crucially, they offer these products at wholesale prices to both businesses and the general public. For more information, please visit: