in2town Uses CrowdFunding to Launch Kids to Pilots: Teaching Aviation to Children for Free

'Kids to Pilots' is a set of tools that will teach children around the world about airplanes and how they fly through the skies.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- A new exciting crowdfunding campaign has been launched by to provide children with free online and offline education on aviation, a subject children love to hear about and which will be taught in a fun and entertaining way.

Children love airplanes, and if a teacher or parent asks a child what they would love to do when they get older, a lot of them will say a pilot. A new crowdfunding campaign ‘Kids to Pilots’ wants to encourage children to keep their dream alive of becoming a pilot by teaching them about aviation. a well respected UK company wants to bring fun back into education by teaching children about flying, and give them proper understanding about airplanes using resources from real pilots and animators. Education should be fun, and that is why aviation will be taught to children in a fun and entertaining environment using an animated character called Mr. Fly to allow them to learn without it seeming they are being taught.

The reason the crowdfunding campaign has been launched is to provide education on aviation to children Free of charge. They are looking to work with one or more reputable charities to help deliver the free educational resource on aviation to schools in the UK and internationally.

The dream of the campaign is to supply online training to children and offline packs of ‘Kids to Pilots’ to thousands of children if they exceed their crowdfunding goal. By gaining support in their campaign, they hope to bring children fun and entertaining education that could help them become pilots when they become older. However, it is not just about a dream of becoming a pilot, Kids to Pilots, will help expand a child’s education.

Children will get to know and love Mr. Fly, who will help teach them about aviation in a fun and entertaining way. It has been proven if children are taught education in an entertaining way where it does not feel they are taking part in a lesson, they will learn more. The goal of the Kids to Pilot crowdfunding campaign is to give children free and fun education and by receiving support and people backing their campaign by helping to raise the money needed, they can achieve their goal.

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About Kids To Pilots
Kids to Pilots is an educational resource system that will help children learn about aviation.