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Ribbun Journal Launched at LiveJournal.com

Ribbun Journal Account At LiveJournal Is Opened Up To Reach Out to A Larger Audience


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- Ribbun has recently announced that it will be opening its account on LiveJournal. The decision to open the Ribbun journal at LiveJournal was taken as this blogging platform is one of the oldest blogging platforms that has been active for more than a decade.

Ribbun Software has been operating blogs for several years, and it is constantly on lookout for new avenues and blogging platforms where it can increase its outreach. A new generation of blogging platforms has been taking over and members have shifting to them in recent times, but LiveJournal remains one of the oldest and strongest platforms even today.

LiveJournal began in 1999, and it soon saw phenomenal success due to its open-source programming and the ability to easily set up and launch a blog. The blogging platform was also one of the oldest websites to display social networking. Despite facing certain issues over the years, LiveJournal has remained resilient and held on to a devoted user database.

LiveJournal has also developed itself to compete with and utilize the power of newer social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging platforms like WordPress offer greater freedom and a simple interface, and recent platforms like Tumblr have successfully used both social networking and blogging concepts and combined them together. LiveJournal too offers social networking features that tie the blog in with Facebook, Twitter, and other networking websites.

The selection of LiveJournal for a Ribbun Journal was explained by Ribbun Software spokesperson Mr. Mohit, who said, “In terms of innovation and new features, LiveJournal has stayed true to its roots and also developed innovations of its own. Despite the fact that new websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are getting new features every now and then, LiveJournal is still strong, and that is what we need from a blogging platform.”

Through LiveJournal, the Ribbun journal aims to reach a huge number of people and potential customers in the past. The blogging host has also been a benchmark for other blogging and social networking sites.

Ribbun has constantly focused on increasing its market reach, and in providing new and innovative services. For this reason, the company has refocused its blogging efforts to more successful and feature-rich platforms like LiveJournal. The company has also recently begun its own independently hosted blogging website.

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