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Ribbun Software to Handle RSS Feed Submissions for Businesses

One of the fastest growing social media and SEO companies Ribbun Software is now also offering RSS feed submission services


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2011 -- With a mission to create a strong online presence for its clients, Ribbun Software now provides effective RSS feed submission services in several attractive and unique packages.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. Its basic function is to distribute content conveniently and systematically for content creators as well as for potential customers. An RSS feed is wrongly considered by many people to be a solely technical concept. It is, in fact, a standard system that eases the distribution of new online content to the target audience. It also allows the target audience to determine whether this new content is worth reading or watching.

RSS feed submission provides an approach for presenting oneself to influential websites, directories, and even bloggers. The feeds would be indexed by well established search engines, so that bloggers or websites who have not subscribed to feeds would be presented with details while using search engines.

RSS feed submission offers several benefits, which is why Ribbun Software has also ventured into this territory to offer more value to its clients. One of the biggest benefits offered by RSS feed submission is that it generates website traffic. As the number of websites grows by the day, traffic generation to a website becomes increasingly challenging. However, with RSS feed submissions, interesting, valuable, or entertaining information will always reap benefits. It also allows a website to develop free inbound links without pasting any backlinks on its own pages.

An RSS feed submission service also allows viewers to get the latest updates from websites. Many online businesses have successfully used RSS feed submission for marketing and advertising their products or services. Users who either syndicate or subscribe to product websites would receive updated information on the business’s products or services without sending out unsolicited spam. This becomes an advantage to the user and to the website, as advertising campaigns can be geared toward the right audience. In fact, RSS feed submissions can also provide an insight to online businesses about their target audiences. Many such businesses have chanced upon new target audiences that they would have otherwise missed out on without the help of RSS feed submissions.

RSS feed submission offers online businesses a chance to refresh their web content and distribute it to the target audience. It also offers the ability to expand the customer network beyond the intended target market that is based on age, culture, and demographics. RSS feed submission ultimately helps in strengthening the web presence of a business. As such, Ribbun has also decided to provide the advantage of RSS feed submission to its customers.

About Ribbun:
Ribbun is a fast growing SEO and social media company which aims to establish a strong web presence for clients. The RSS feed submission service is just one of the several services it offers, such as on page optimization, online reputation management, and so forth.