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Ribbun Software Launches Blog at LiveJournal

Popular SEO Company, Ribbun Software, Has Recently Launched A New Blog Hosted By The LIveJournal Platform


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- Ribbun Software recently announced its plan to begin a new blog on LiveJournal. This decision to begin a blog on this open-source platform was taken after experts in the company researched on and confirmed its influence and reader base.

Ribbun Software operates a number of blogs, and it is continuously looking for new platforms to share its knowledge and ideas and better its reach. LiveJournal is one of these platforms that have been selected by the company because it is still very popular among bloggers and readers alike despite the launch of newer platforms. Today, LiveJournal is not only one of the first blogging platforms to have been taken seriously, but also one of the oldest forms of open-source architecture.

The platform was launched in 1999, at the cusp of the new millennium. As a result, it is quite a revolutionary blog as well. It is one of the first ever platforms to have used an open-source design, and it was made it very easy for businesses and individuals to set up blogs. Most importantly, it uses social networking principles as well for readers and bloggers to share information and connect with each other. Today, platforms like Tumblr and WordPress provide social media and blogging features too, and these platforms have progressed a lot. However, LiveJournal still remains effective and very popular, and it has introduced a number of competitive social media features of late for readers and bloggers to connect with their friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.

The reason for selecting LiveJournal as a platform for Ribbun Software to launch its blog was explained by Mr. Mohit, company spokesperson, who said, “LiveJournal started as a symbol for new and innovative features, which remains intact even today. The blogging platform has managed to stay popular and visible despite the prevalence of newer social networks like Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. It has constantly added new and improved features in order to remain strong and useful. In other words, LiveJournal symbolizes a lot of our way of working, which is through innovations and constant improvement to beat our competition.”

By setting up a LiveJournal blog, Ribbun Software aims at reaching out to more people and potential customers. The company places high emphasis on innovations and improvements in its field, and the same goes for LiveJournal as well.

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