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Ricchizza: Author Kimberly Davis Releases Dazzling First Installment to Her New Series

From prolific author Kimberly Davis, ‘Ricchizza’ is a searing and vibrant exploration of a patriarchal society, wealth, familial relationships and marriage.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- The struggle against patriarchy is one that women across the globe have experienced.

But the eternal question also remains: can women have it all?

In a new book by Kimberly Davis, the above question is thrust to the forefront, with Davis’ characters railing against the constraints of a male-dominated world. ‘Ricchizza’ is a novel that isn’t afraid to delve deeper into the female psyche, and investigate whether it’s possible for women to truly balance career, marriage, love and children.

Davis’ vivid writing and richly detailed characters will enthrall feminists, historians and female literature enthusiasts, while book-lovers will adore the entertaining plot and complex relationships.

“The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” Job 33.4

Nino Centona with an apparent look of confusion on his face was still trying to absorb all that had just occurred.

The bank president then offered a heartfelt apology to Nino and suggested they take care business at what he thought was a more appropriate time. “Mr. Centona, you do seem to be under a great deal of stress which is understandable. I know you are grieving the loss of your mother. Why don’t we do this after the funeral?”

Nino informed the bank president, Roberto Grasso, he was fine and they should hurry. Off they went towards the safe deposit boxes. They were on their way, when a woman in the common area collapsed. Both Nino and Roberto rushed to her rescue. The unidentified woman, in almost audible whisper, said something that Nino recognized to be French. Being from Vermont, Nino recognized the phrase quickly. Nino yelled to the teller to call 911, while Roberto rushed to retrieve pillows from chairs nearby to make the woman comfortable.

As the teller dialed 911, both Nino and Roberto were able to determine the woman appeared to be having breathing problems and seemed flush. Nino, in his rusty French, introduced himself to the woman. “Je m’appelle Nino Centana, es-tu?”

The woman then responded in another barely inaudible whisper. Je suis Veronique Detres. Seeing that she was starting to lose consciousness, asked where she was from and if she understood or spoke English. Nino was able to ascertain that she was from the town Ricchizza in Vermont and that was able to speak and understand English, but not well.

At that moment, the paramedics came rushing in and began attending to Veronique. Nino informed the paramedics that she had been unconscious for only a few seconds had breathing difficulty.

As the author explains, her goal was to show how one small meeting can have reverberating implications.

“As I tease my readers – the book centers around a hospital emergency and an unexpected visit colliding to reveal a past secret,” says Davis. “Sometimes it’s the smallest things that start a chain reaction and change our lives.”

Continuing: “Although it’s written for teens, I think adults will love it too – it has universal themes and plotlines that everyone can relate to – and enough electrifying adventure to keep even the pickiest reader entertained!”

‘Ricchizza’ is available now: http://amzn.to/NBrla0

About Kimberly Davis
The author lives in Orlando, FL.