Rich Araujo Seeks $8,350 via Crowdfunding on Kickstarter to Bring a Tale of Bravery, Confidence, Faith & Shear Patience in a Feature Film "INDOMITABLE"

A true struggle story of Maria Magdalena to survive & provide her 5 kids after being abandoned by her husband.


San Dimas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Indomitable is a story adapted from the book "The Indomitable Maria Magdalena," written by John Messer. John shares a beautiful relationship with Maria which has been brought into life through the feature film.

Indomitable is a movie to throw light on the story of Maria Magdalena. The incidents and happenings are closer to reality to explain the true account of a woman's fight for survival in an unknown land.

Maria relies on the message of her late father that all people go through struggles and her faith to overcome her trials.

Maria was born and raised in Mexico, was a married mother of five children when her husband abandons her. With no way to provide for her kids, she makes the journey to the U.S where she knows she'll have at least enough opportunity to prevent her children from starving.

The topic of illegal immigration is a hot button issue, and what we have here is put a face to highlight the struggle. This is not a woman looking to take advantage of a system, nor is she one looking for a hand-out; this is a woman who, in the throes of desperation, did everything she could to ensure her children's survival.

Crowdfunding funds will be applied as follows:
- Story, Rights and Continuity: $500
- Producers Unit: $500
- Direction: $300
- Cast: $400
- Production Staff: $5,050
- Post Production: $1,300
- Permits: $300

John Messer and Maria Magdalena are dealing with health issues, and there is an urgency to be able to get this moving so John can present this gift of love to Maria.

This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Tue, Jul 1 2014 12:34 AM +05:30.

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