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Rich Communication Services (RCS) Market: Promising Growth Opportunities & Forecast


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2018 -- Simple solutions offered by Rich Communication Services (RCS) to enterprise consumers and users has spelt growth opportunities for the market. RCS helps improve communications in organizations by enabling interoperability across any operator network and by facilitating integrated voice and video services.

Swift uptake of broadband services of high speed, surging popularity of social media, focus on customer retention, global interoperability and collaboration between the carriers, and investments in Long Term Evaluation (LTE) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) are some of the factors serving to stoke growth in the market for Rich Communication Systems (RCS).

The market for Rich Communication System (RCS) is however faced with one big challenge – competition from Over-The-Top (OTT) companies that provide internet-based services, making it tough for mobile operators, providing the conventional voice and messaging services, to survive.

To overcome the challenge, mobile operators in the market for Rich Communication System (RCS) are coming up with new communication services, resulting in evolution of new multimedia-base services.

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The market for Rich Communication Systems (RCS) can be divided based on different parameters. Depending upon services, for example, it can be segmented into chat, content sharing, IP video call, file transfer, and VoIP. Depending upon the deployment mode, again, the market can be split into on-premise and cloud. Of the two, the cloud-based services is predicted to see greater uptake.

Geographically, Asia Pacific is a key player in the market for Rich Communication Systems (RCS), which is being mainly powered by China, Japan, South Korea, and India. Europe is another leading region in the market, driven primarily by Germany, France, and Spain.

Some of the prominent participants in the market for Rich Communication Services (RCS) are Alcatel-Lucent S.A.., Ericsson, Interop Technologies., Genband Inc., SAP, Mavenir Systems, Huawei Device Co., Ltd, Nokia Networks, SAP America Inc., Vodafone group Plc., Xura, Inc., SK Telecom, Comverse, Orange S.A., and Acision.

Rich communication services is the platform that allows delivery of communication beyond voice and sms. It is an IP multimedia subsystem based platform that enables mobile operators to provide enhanced communication services includes instant messaging, chat, content sharing, IP video call, VoIP, document exchange and others These services enables consumers to interact with instant chat or messaging with one to one or groups and allows them to share file or live video across devices and on any network. The rich communication service is available to consumers without downloading any application or sign up to a web service and provides communication with a security.

The factors favorable to growth of the rich communication services market are influence of social networks. Moreover, increasing adoption of high speed broadband and these has benefited to mobile network operator. Mobile network operator are investing and adopting rich communication services to generate revenue through creation of apps and B2B services via accommodated solution and from pay as you grow costs solution. The rich communication service provides value added solution to the existing messaging technology and service provider are increasingly adopting these services to provide differentiated data and multimedia services to users. In rich communication services challenges are numerous owing to messaging technology and increasing competition from over the top (OTT) players which offers internet based services. RCS Market growth is anticipated to be hindered on account lack of awareness among organizations about deployment and usage of services.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) Market witnesses immense growth opportunities from providing simpler solutions to enterprise consumers and users. For small medium business and organizations has opportunities in these market include integrated communication, mobile content administration and video services. The RCS for enterprise users provides a business policy consenting personalization while maintaining the commercial panel for the company communications and applications. For consumer RCS provides opportunity to merge sms and voice with instant video and messaging sharing across any network and devices. Further, it provides to mobile network operators an opportunity for generating revenue from their existing services to their customers with the enhanced communication services

The rich communication services market is segmented on the basis of by services and deployment. On the basis of services market is segmented content sharing, chat, IP video call, VoIP and file transfer. Based on deployment market is segmented as on premise and cloud. Further, cloud-based deployment services is expected to be more useful and to take of this opportunity by simpler solutions to enterprise consumers and users. As the this market is increasing competition from over the top players which provides internet based services and making challenging for mobile operators to provide traditional services which includes messaging and voice. Few of the companies are planning to invest in rich communication services as per increasing demand for the services

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The Asia pacific region is expected to be the major market for rich communication services followed by the Europe region. The growth in Asia Pacific is expected to be driven by countries including the china, India and japan which have witnessed major adoption of this services during forecast period and are hub of large as well as start-ups vendors in the region. These services has high penetration Spain and south Korea and other countries which has incorporated these services such as Germany, Mexico, Argentina, the U.S., France, Brazil, Romania and Colombia

Some of the leading players in the Rich Communication Services (RCS) Market are Alcatel-Lucent S.A.., Genband Inc., Ericsson, Interop Technologies., Mavenir Systems, Huawei Device Co., Ltd, Nokia Networks, Vodafone group Plc., SAP America Inc., Xura, Inc., Orange S.A., SK Telecom, Comverse, SAP and Acision