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Richard Morrison Comments on Possible North Vancouver Real Estate Condo Development

Anthem Properties May Be Launching a New Condo Project In Vancouver


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- On Monday, veteran Vancouver realtor Richard Morrison commented on the recent news that Anthem properties may be launching its new Vancouver condo project, at the heart of Gastown, Vancouver. There are also rumors of another springing up at the spot of the Ridgeway Annex school building. Pointing to the reports made on the new development this February on Globe & Mall, Morrison praised the approach of Anthem Properties to real estate development.

Anthem’s VP of Investments and Communications, Alexa Baughen told the Globe & Mall that “This is our third building that we acquired in the area, and our CEO Eric has always had a soft spot for it, being such an iconic building … We were really excited to have this partnership with Mark.” According to Morrison, while the timing for the project was great, the recent drop in prices in Vancouver might give the promoters a tough time. “However,” Morrison said, “Anthem properties has its own experts, and I believe the reason why they are taking on this project is because they believe what they do – the real deals in North Vancouver haven’t slackened even a little bit, what has dropped are the numbers of speculators. On the face of it, that’s why it seems the real estate market for North Vancouver condos is sluggish.”

He insists it is the social ambiance of Vancouver that is making the market tick, especially in Vancouver, where the localities have become truly international and cosmopolitan. And this is why he believes, the new North Vancouver condo projects by Anthem Properties is going to be a success. “It’s strategic location with the right pricing,” said Morrison. “When you chose a spot where it is easy for people to live, and easy to commute to work – what more can you ask from the location of a project? It’s only a 20-minute drive into downtown Vancouver with everything close at your hand from hospitals to community centers and education institutions.” “You got to look at how they are scheduling the pricing,” said Morrison. “In their Local on Lonsdale project, it is 10 percent money down at the time of signing the contract, then you got another 9 months to pay the next 5 percent and another 5 percent within 18 months. That’s as easy as it can be on the buyer.” And, says Morrison, “on top of that, they announced that the first 85 buyers who close their purchases would receive $3000 credit.”

The scale of the project also affects their bottom line, said Morrison, and the Local On Lonsdale condo tower had offered the best deals in North Vancouver real estate new developments because of the economies of scale. "This new project will be no different," said Morrison.

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