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Richard N. Bash, DDS Has Appointment Availabilities for Teeth Reshaping This Summer


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- When visiting the dentist, many individuals search for procedures that will improve the appearance of their smile. As a cosmetic dental professional, Richard N. Bash, DDS is pleased to announce he has availabilities for teeth reshaping appointments this summer. The procedures are completed in one visit to the Doylestown dentist and will provide patients with added self-esteem at the conclusion of the appointment.

If there is a defect in the teeth, the flaws are easily noticeable. There are many defects that tooth reshaping and contouring will fix, including overlaps, pointed teeth, chips, or bite problems. Through the techniques used by Richard N. Bash, DDS, the process is an inexpensive option that deals with subtle changes to the teeth.

Consult with the dentist in Doylestown, PA, to explain exact wishes with the cosmetic procedure. Through contouring, teeth can be rounded or squared at the edges, and you can achieve a more masculine or feminine appearance. The enamel of the tooth is removed in most cases, and patients are provided with a new coating of polish for a smoother and healthier appearance. Results of the defect will appear immediately.

Dr. Bash is also available around the clock for emergency procedures. When an accident occurs and teeth become dislodged or cracked, there is no time to wait. Contact the office of Richard N. Bash, DDS for an immediate service when needed. Whether needing cosmetic services for an improved smile or emergency procedures to save a tooth or correct an issue, please contact the company today. New patients are always welcome at the office.

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